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ELEVATION Frostmourne - US      

It’s begun! The long awaited raid campaign of Warlords of Draenor launched this week and we hit the ground running. Everyone in Elevation has been putting serious work into making sure we were as ready as possible for this week and it showed. There was an impressive level of individual commitment from every raider to make mains and alts ready for raiding this week and we are extremely appreciative of everyone’s efforts.Preparation for this week and the next few began back in Mists, when people were logging onto the bug-filled Beta to raid at ridiculous hours and testing classes extensively to see what would be valuable to bring to the raid group. At the time we were impressed with what lengths many of the raiders were going to in order to prepare themselves for the new expansion and this enthusiasm carried over on launch night. Every single raider powered through to level 100 and dived straight in heroic dungeons and daily challenge modes, drooling over the prospect of that sweet sweet warforged-socketed gear. Unless you’re Haiku, then you got pre-raid Best in Slot the day you hit level 100.We’ve largely retained the same roster transitioning into Warlords, with a few exceptional additions that we’re very excited about taking into progression. We will continue to keep our eyes peeled for outstanding applicants however the officers have never felt more confident about the team than we currently do. Not only is the team strong on paper but the brand of raiding here in very unique. I can safely say on behalf of every raider that we wouldn’t want to be doing this anywhere else or under any other banner than Elevation. Bring on Mythic!