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ELEVATION Frostmourne - US

1 Year of ELEVATION!

Well what a strange long year its been! First of all I want to thank every member of the Elevation raiding team both past and present, for with no members there is clearly no Elevation. I want to thank our officers especially, without their continued effort the guild would have folded. These past few weeks we have been working on numerous 'hurdles' in preparation for WOD. The first being our kill speeds and execution ratings, we have seen a significant improvement in the way in which our raiders can switch strategies on the fly and squeeze every bit of DPS out of their respective class. From here we look to further practice and execute our planned strategies for Warlords on the BETA Mythic and LFR raids.

I want to also take this time to address the stability of our guild and answer some critics. Since this guild was formed over 1 year ago ( Its still amazing to think how far we have come in 1 year ) we have been told we wouldn't make it, we will disband when we find the guild killer or we simply aren't good enough. Today I can speak for all our original players in saying we proved everyone wrong, the guild that shouldn't have made it has! Elevation has positioned ourselves in a niche of hardcore raiding in which we have zero tolerance to drama and still  present a roster capable of competing with the best the Oceanic & World region has to offer. 

Make no mistake tho, Elevation isn't resting, we are still the underdogs for Warlords and we will address once again our critics. I implore any players interested in Elevation to contact our guild and see ask about what we can provide that your current guild cannot. 

Today I am proud to say we made it, we are here to stay and I couldn't be prouder of our guild

Thank you everyone! - Uplifts ( Boz)